"Mass Collaboration Changes Everything"
Source: Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything - Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams

To aggressively address income inequality, we are launching a large-scale, grassroots-led economic research campaign to explore how to use mass collaboration to improve the income and wealth-building ability of the masses.






  • Collaborate: We form a large grassroots collaborative, innovate in the crowdfunding space and raise millions per month ... month after month after month;

  • Crowdfund: We use the crowdfunding dollars to fund worker-owned collaborations that are 100% owned by workers;

  • Build Wealth: These worker-owned collaborations operate online part-time, creating scenarios where individuals can work online part-time as co-owners within their field of expertise or area of professional interest. No investment is required. Individuals submit a resume, secure the position, and show up for work online part-time as co-owners. This way, people can quickly build significant ownership equity and wealth part-time online;

  • Transform: We encourage individuals to leverage these new wealth-producing and crowdfunding options to the point where they can comfortably say, why work for a mere wage if I no longer have to? This way, employers will have to collaborate and wrap compensation around ownership-based incentives to find and keep qualified workers. The result: we dramatically improve the income and wealth-building ability of the masses.

This can be done completely independent of any company, corporation, financial institution or the government === 100% grassroots led.


As a grassroots-led campaign, we encourage individuals and professionals from all walks of life and professional disciplines to engage, participate, contribute professionally part-time online, earn a substantial income, and build wealth. To learn more, start here.